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Countries: USA


Writed by: Nick Cuse, Damon Lindelof

Filme besta. Download Movie A Caçada location. Como assim Resident evil 6 ? maior mentira ele vai sair só em 2015 kkkkkkk. Afff já desisti de assistir.



Download movie a caçadana. Filme excelente,ótima imagem, ótimo som mto bom. O filme já não eh bom e ainda falta os efeitos sonoros... 👎🏼. Download Movie A Caçada disini. Now we can marvel at Sebastian's devious smile in all its full HD glory. This is my second attempt at removing all filler content from the first season of Black Butler - this time in full HD and using Bluray rips. Additionally, all seasons have subtitle styles matching, so that you can binge-watch everything without feeling like something is not right. Summary: All episodes are in 1080p x265/HEVC, Bluray rips. The Atlantic movie is x264. They have a Japanese dub, stylised soft subtitles and chapters. Multiple subs included, such as retail ones, and ones by various subbing groups (Shinsen-Subs, Chiyuu, Karin). Most of the filler content is gone. I tried to keep close to the manga, although sometimes it was very hard since many scenes were never animated, or they had a different context or even characters. If possible, I did not use re-encoding during the cuts, to keep the quality of the videos high. Software used: MKVToolNix (muxing), SolveigMM Video Splitter (cuts with minimal re-encoding), Subtitle Edit. Download: Black Butler - 1 - Black Butler (2008) [bonkai77] (1. 50GB) Black Butler - 2 - Book of Circus (2014) [bonkai77] (2. 81GB) Black Butler - 3 - Book of Murder (2015) [bonkai77] (953MB) Black Butler - 4 - Book of the Atlantic (2017) [Anime Land] (3. 43GB) Detailed changes: Black Butler 01: technically only half of this episode is canon, but I decided to keep it, as it gives an introduction to all the characters and the setting. Edited the last minutes to make it a bit more grim, as is the tone of most of manga. Black Butler 02 & 03: manga has the two stories switched, however, ep02 introduces Grell, which later appears in ep03, so I decided to keep the anime order. Black Butler 06: replaced preview with the one from ep12 (Indian Butler Arc starts). Black Butler 07: old ep13; at 03:45 added a scene from ep19 in Lau's opium den (the scene is so vague, it fits there perfectly); at 08:14 removed the dog from the filler episodes. Black Butler 08: old ep14; removed Angela's spice (21:11-21:40). Black Butler 09: old ep15; removed all mentions of Angela's spice (06:08, 12:50-13:05; 13:55-16:27; 17:06-19:42; 19:44-19:56); removed preview of the next episode. I wish there was a scene where Lau and Ran-Mao hunt Harold and Mina, but it was never animated. Book of Circus 01: this episode is a mashup of chapters 05 and 23 and filler content. Decided to leave it as it is. Future: If I can get a better quality version of the Book of the Atlantic (would also prefer it to be x265), I will update this post. Also, if you find any issues let me know, and I'll try fixing them. Suggestions on further edits/fewer edits are very much welcome.

Download movie a caçada de javali. O Robert Pattinson me deu esperanças no filme Water for Elephants, ali dava pra ver que ele tinha futuro, mesmo tendo feito Twilight rsrsrs ! Vlw pelo Tiagão, vou conferir  Abração. Download Movie A. “The Old Times of All Times”. Hugs and greetings. Valeu meu camarada, você é de mais, mais um filme com muita qualidade, obg por postar, tmj ❣👊💪. Vou conferir o filme. Ótimo vídeo, parabéns. Hi all, I have two things I'm looking for at the moment: 1) some boxes, manuals and loose games to complete some games I currently have incomplete, and 2) some high value games for various consoles that are my priority wants right now. In cases where I am looking for incomplete stuff, I may also be willing to trade for complete stuff. I will try to describe everything I have as best I can, and pictures are either linked or available on request. In turn, I am looking for items that are complete and in good shape, but I am somewhat flexible with cardboard box games. Also, some of the items I have for trade are hard trades, so please do not be offended if I turn down a fair value trade. p. s. I have 70+ confirmed trades! p. when I say CIB I mean Complete in Box, that includes all booklets, not just manual. If something I have is not complete I will try to communicate that. On the flip side, if you have something and you are not sure if it is complete, I am happy to check for you! HAVES NES Original game pad Knockoff game pad (looks identical but without Nintendo logo) Original orange zapper Blades of Steel - game only Blaster Master - game only Casino Kid - game only Dr Mario - game only Q-bert - game only Star Tropics - CIB, letter is still attached to manual! Star Tropics 2 Zoda's Revenge - CIB Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt - game only The King of Kings (Wisdom Tree) - manual Tiger Heli - game only Vindicators - CIB Xevious - game only SNES Hyperkin Supaboy - original model, loose with USB charger N64 1080 Snowboarding - manual and operations card Army Men Air Combat - manual Banjo Kazooie - manual (wrinkled) Banjo Tooie - manual Battletanx Global Assault - manual (wrinkled) Bomberman 64 - manual Buck Bumble - manual Diddy Kong Racing - manual, operations card Donkey Kong 64 - manual Extreme-G - manual Goldeneye 007 - manual Kirby 64 - manual Mario Kart 64 - manual, operations card and player's guide offer booklet Mario Party 2 - manual Mario Tennis - manual Rugrats Scavenger Hunt - manual Star Wars Episode 1 Battle for Naboo - manual (has marker on top right) Super Mario 64 - manual Yoshi's Story - manual and operations card Zelda Ocarina of Time - manual GameCube Army Men Air Combat The Elite Missions - game and manual only Conflict Desert Storm - disc only Godzilla Destroy all Monsters Melee greatest hits yellow label - box and disc only Lego Star Wars - CIB Lego Star Wars II - CIB Ribbit King with bonus disc - CIB Smuggler's Run War Zones - game and manual only Superman Shadow of Apokolips - CIB, also have a Nintendo Power poster to go with it Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - manual only Action Replay - manual only Wii ABC Wipeout 2 - CIB Battalion Wars 2 - CIB Boom Blox Bash Party - CIB Elebits - CIB Ghost Squad - CIB Ghostbusters - NIB Hello Kitty Seasons - CIB Link's Crossbow Training - disc and manual in cardboard sleeve Metroid Other M - CIB Nights Journey of Dreams - CIB Press Your Luck 2010 Edition - CIB Rayman Raving Rabbids - CIB Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party - CIB Star Wars the Force Unleashed - CIB Super Paper Mario - box and manual Wii Fit Plus - CIB (no balance board) Zhu Zhu Pets Featuring the Wild Bunch - CIB 2 Blasters + Game big box NIB (game download no longer works) (these blasters are attachments for Wiimotes to make them into pistols, great accessory IMO) Nunchuck white - loose Classic Controller Pro black - loose Wii U 007 Legends - NIB Madden 13 - CIB NintendoLand - box, manual and booklets New Super Luigi U - CIB Switch Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack - NIB Dead Cells - CIB Downwell - NIB Gekido Kintaro’s Revenge - CIB Mutant Mudds Collection - CIB (crease on slipcover) Rive - SRG trading cards only sealed Snake Pass - SRG trading cards only sealed Splasher - NIB The Adventure Pals - NIB with cards The Darkside Detective - NIB with cards The Flame in the Flood - partially NIB (missing outer bag) PowerA Premium Game Card Case red Super Mario M - NIB PowerA wireless GameCube style controller gray - NIB GB Please note: I have a shipment of replacement trays coming in soon for Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. For all the items below that say (no tray), I could provide one of these replacement trays if you don't mind waiting until I have them in hand. 4 in 1 Funpak Volume II - game only Arcade Classics Centipede / Millipede - box, manual and game only (no tray) Baseball - box, game (no manual or tray) Battleship - box, game, registration card, poster (no tray or manual) Bill Elliott's Nascar Fast Tracks - box, game, manual, inserts (no tray) Bo Jackson Hit and Run - game and manual Cleaning Kit - box only Dead Heat Scramble - game only Desert Strike - CIB Donkey Kong Land - game only Donkey Kong Land 2 - game only Dr Mario - box and game, also have another game only Face Ball 2000 - game only Game and Watch Gallery - box and manual (no tray) Ghostbusters II - game only Golf Player's Choice - box, manual and game only (no tray) Hyper Lode Runner - game only James Bond 007 - game only Jeopardy! - box, game, manual, all inserts (no tray) King James Bible (Wisdom Tree) - manual Kirby's Dreamland - box only (no tray) Kirby's Dreamland 2 - box only (no tray) Kirby's Pinball Land - box only (no tray) Kwirk - game only Mickey's Dangerous Chase player's choice - game only Mole Mania - game only Monopoly - box, game, manual, all inserts (no tray) Nemesis - game only Paperboy - game only Penguin Wars - CIB Revenge of the Gator - game only Shanghai - game only Super Mario Land - game only Super Mario Land 2 6 Golden Coins - game only Tamagotchi - game only Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fall of the Foot Clan - game only Tetris Attack - game only The Chessmaster - box, game, inserts (no tray or manual) The Smurfs - game only Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - game only WWF Superstars 2 - box, game, manual, all inserts (no tray) Yoshi - box, game and manual (no tray) Nuby Worm Light safety instructions booklet only GBC Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 3 - manual Croc - game only Game and Watch Gallery 2 - box and manual (no tray) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - game only Wings of Fury - CIB GameShark Pro - box, manual GBA 3rd party charger - looks like an OEM charger but isn't Advance Wars - game only (some wear to label) An American Tail Fievel's Gold Rush - CIB Atari Anniversary Advance - CIB Backyard Basketball - game only Backyard Football - game only Candy Land / Chutes and Ladders / Memory - CIB Car Battler Joe - game only Connect Four / Perfection / Trouble - CIB Crash Bandicoot the Huge Adventure - game only Disney's Magical Quest 2 Starring Mickey and Minnie - game only Disney's Monsters Inc. / Finding Nemo - game only Donkey Kong Country - game only Donkey Kong Country 2 - game only Ecks vs Sever - game only Ed Edd n Eddy the Mis-Edventures - game only F-14 Tomcat - game only Garfield the Search for Pooky - CIB Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town - CIB (box has some damage) Kirby and the Amazing Mirror - box, tray, manual, all inserts Lego Star Wars - game and manual Lego Star Wars II - CIB (box has some damage) Madden 2003 - game only Mario Pinball Land - CIB Mario Tennis Power Tour - game only Medabots Rokusho Version - game only Monster Trucks - game only Muppet Pinball Mayhem - game only Need for Speed Underground - game only Pac Man Collection - game only Pac Man World - game only Pocket Dogs - CIB Pokemon Glazed (bootleg, clear blue cart) - game only Rayman Advance - game only Road Trip Shifting Gears - CIB Rugrats I Gotta Go Party - game only Sonic Advance 2 - game only Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom - game only Spongebob Squarepants Lights Camera Pants - game only Spongebob Squarepants Revenge of the Flying Dutchman - game only Spyro 2 Season of Flame - CIB, also have a loose copy Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World - game only The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - CIB, box has some damage Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 - game only Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - game only Uno / Skip Bo - game only GBA Video Dragon Ball GT Volume 1 - NIB Nickelodeon Rugrats All Grown Up! Volume 1 - NIB Nicktoons Collection Volume 2 - NIB DS Chrono Trigger - box, manual, all inserts including the poster Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime - box, manual, all inserts Fossil League Dino Tournament Championship - CIB Hamsterz Life - CIB Go Diego Go Great Dinosaur Rescue - CIB Harvest Moon DS - game only Junior Brain Trainer - CIB Learn With Pokemon Typing Adventure EU big box - NIB, some wear to box corners Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games - manual, all inserts Mario Party DS - box and game only Mega Man ZX Advent - game only Metroid Prime Pinball - box, manual, health and safety insert (cover art says Rumble Pak included but there is no Rumble Pak) Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver - Pokewalker manual and safety booklet only Pokemon Ranger - CIB Rune Factory - box, manual, all inserts Scribblenauts Unlimited - manual only Spongebob Squarepants Atlantis Squarepantis - NIB Star Fox Command - box, manual, all inserts Warioware DIY - box, manual, all inserts Yoshi's Island DS - box, manual, health and safety insert EMS NDS Adapter - CIB (Not the newest version, works best with Windows XP) Operations manual and other inserts for black DSi in bag Instruction booklet for launch model DS I also have some health and safety precautions booklets and one WiFi connection booklet 3DS Brain Age Concentration Training - box, manual (cover art has a small tear on back) Poochy and Yoshi's Woolly World EU region big box only (can hold both game and Poochy amiibo) Puzzler 3D World 2012 - CIB Puzzler Mind Gym 3D - CIB Tomodachi Life - manual OEM charger Operations manual and other inserts (no AR cards) for launch model 3DS in bag 2DS XL quick start guide Nyko Game Boost power attachment for launch model 3DS - NIB, some box damage PSX 2 Xtreme - CIB Jeopardy! - CIB Moto Racer 2 - CIB Need for Speed Hot Pursuit greatest hits green label - CIB Rayman greatest hits green label - CIB (jewel case is cracked) Road Rash greatest hits green label - CIB Sled Storm - CIB Star Wars Rebel Assault II - CIB Tetris Plus greatest hits green label - CIB Tomb Raider III greatest hits green label - CIB Wheel of Fortune greatest hits green label - CIB PS2 Ace Combat 04 greatest hits - CIB DDR Extreme 2 - CIB DDR Supernova - CIB DDRMAX DDR - CIB Gadget Racers - CIB Gauntlet Dark Legacy - CIB R-Type Final - disc only Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters - NIB Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters - CIB with a scratch on the front cover Star Wars Battlefront greatest hits red label - CIB SOCOM II: US Navy Seals - manual only Supercar Street Challenge - CIB We Love Katamari - CIB PS3 Battleship - NIB Dynasty Warriors: Gundam - NIB Killzone 3 - NIB Mini Ninjas - CIB Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception - NIB Xbox Halo Combat Evolved Platinum Hits - CIB Xbox 360 Civilization Revolution - CIB Halo 3 ODST - Discs only in a generic case Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary - discs only in a generic case Halo Reach - CIB IBM Tandy Mario Teaches Typing big box - NIB PC Cubix: Robots for Everyone - NIB Jimmy Neutron vs Jimmy Negatron - manual only Oil Tycoon - NIB Amiibo Blue Inkling Boy - NIB Mabel - NIB Peach (Mario series) - NIB AC Amiibo Cards: #009 Digby Collectibles Ni No Kuni II Figpin "Evan" new Hatsune Miku Funko Pop NIB Club Nintendo Red Mario Hat DS carrying case - New Club Nintendo Super Mario Children's Book JP Exclusive - New 2003 Nintendo Duck Hunt Patch - New Poster: Monster Hunter 3 Tri 20x27" Poster: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games 40x14" Poster: New Super Mario Bros Wii / Zelda Spirit Tracks 12x17" Poster set: Bravoman and Bravoman x Wonder-Momo 11x15" Poster: Superman Shadow of Apokolips (from Nintendo Power) Large collection of Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image comics (Click the link for a full list of what is available) Random Stuff Heavy duty HDMI cable flat style White Verizon iPhone 5S with protective case and charger Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Pretty sure this is unlocked, but will not work on Verizon, comes with Cyanogen OS, charging cable and dock GameKlip controller mount NIB - Would work great with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, requires a PS3 (aka DS3) controller, learn more here Ledger Nano S Whitepaper Edition NIB Micro Machines National Geographic Collection #1 and #3 Daft Punk - Random Access Memories Vinyl Sealed Holy Ghost - Static on the Wire Vinyl Like New ABSRDST- Boss Beats CD sealed (An EP of Mega Man remixes) Speed Racer: The Movie VHS CIB Adventure Time: Jake vs Me-Mow DVD + Finn Hat CIB Regular Show: The Best DVD in the Universe AMC Walking Dead playing cards NIB (NY Comic Con promo) Avengers: Infinity War Moviebill 2x Madonna CDs Trial of the Clone - A modern CYOA style book Three Word Phrase Volume One Little Red Book Complete Street Guide to New York City 2 1932 Olympic stamps Dolce and Gabanna Intenso leather bag new, open box Vintage Academy Broadway Duffel Bag Mark McGwire 62nd Home Run Gold card WANTS Remember, for any of these I'm willing to trade for CIB copies. I am also willing to look at lists but these are my priority wants. Switch Alliance Alive HD Remastered Limited Edition CIB or NIB Dragon's Lair Trilogy CIB or NIB ESP RA DE CIB or NIB Flinthook CIB or NIB Furi CIB or NIB Gris CIB or NIB Link's Awakening Dreamer Edition or other big box edition CIB like new (low priority) Link's Awakening GameStop exclusive double-sided poster Link's Awakening pin set Link's Awakening steelbook (low priority) LRG trading card for Shantae and the Pirate's Curse LRG trading card for Toejam and Earl Puyo Puyo Tetris CIB or NIB with target exclusive decals Octopath Traveler CIB Skullgirls 2nd Encore CIB or NIB The Messenger CIB or NIB Trine Series 1-3 CIB or NIB Trine 4 or Trine Ultimate Collection CIB or NIB PowerA game carrying case (black and gold Zelda style, blue Zelda style) Switch Lite screen protector Switch Lite carrying case 3DS Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer - CIB or NIB Codename STEAM - CIB or NIB Frogger 3D - CIB big box version with cover plates LEGO Chima Laval's Journey - CIB or NIB with minifigure DS Bomberman Land Touch - CIB Bomberman Land Touch 2 - CIB Cooking Mama's Combo Pack Volume 1 - CIB Custom Robo Arena - game only Dokapon Journey - CIB Dragon Quest IX - CIB Elektroplankton - Nintendo Power insert Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo Tales - registration card Harvest Moon DS - box, manual, all inserts Infinite Space - game only Izuna Legend of the Unemployed Ninja - CIB Jewel Time Deluxe - box, manual Korg DS10+ JP Limited Edition - CIB Korg M01 JP - Club Nintendo insert Magician’s Quest Mysterious Times - CIB Maplestory DS Korean version - CIB Master of Illusion - big box with outer inserts (I have the inner box complete and the trading cards in their box) Metal Slug 7 - CIB with poster Nanostray - CIB Phantasy Star 0 - CIB Plants vs Zombies - CIB big box version with ugly peashooter stylus Pokemon Conquest - CIB Robocalypse - game only Shepherd's Crossing 2 - CIB Space Invaders Extreme 2 - CIB The Dark Spire - CIB with soundtrack The World Ends With You - game only Wappy Dog - CIB or NIB with dog GBA Astro Boy Omega Factor - box, manual, all inserts Car Battler Joe - manual Drill Dozer - A Girl and Her Dozer Mini Comic (the one I have is ripped) Final Fight One - box, manual, all inserts Fire Emblem - loose or CIB Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones - loose or CIB Gunstar Super Heroes - box, manual, all inserts Klonoa 2 Dream Champ Tournament - box, manual, all inserts Mario Party-e - CIB Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge - box, manual, all inserts Metroid Zero Mission - box, manual, all inserts Phantasy Star Collection - CIB Sonic Advance + Sonic Pinball Party - box, manual, all inserts Tales of Phantasia - box, manual, all inserts Warioland 4 - box, manual, all inserts Zone of the Enders the Fist of Mars - box, manual, all inserts GBC Kirby Tilt n Tumble - box, manual, all inserts Legend of the River King - box, manual, all inserts Legend of the River King 2 - box, manual, all inserts Metal Gear Solid - box, manual, all inserts Pocket Bomberman - box, all inserts (I have the manual) Shantae - loose or CIB (fat chance I know) Super Mario Bros Deluxe - box, manual, all inserts Worms Armageddon - registration card, also might need a Nintendo Power booklet Zelda Oracle of Ages / Seasons - boxes, manuals, all inserts GB Clamshell plastic case for silver Game Boy Pocket (I have the console, manual, and consumer safety booklet) Harvest Moon - registration card, Nintendo Power booklet Ninja Boy 2 - box, manual, all inserts Pokemon Yellow - CIB Tetris - box, manual, all inserts TMNT Fall of the Foot Clan - box, manual, all inserts Wii Fishing Master World Tour - manual Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - CIB The Last Story - soundtrack in sleeve Ultimate Shooting Collection - CIB GameCube Army Men Air Combat the Elite Missions - box Baten Kaitos Origins - CIB Chaos Field - CIB Conflict Desert Storm II - box, manual, other inserts Mega Man X Command Mission - CIB with trading card Metal Gear Solid the Twin Snakes - CIB Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 and 2 Plus - CIB Smuggler's Run War Zones - box The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures - CIB N64 N64 Expansion Pack with tool to open expansion slot, or Donkey Kong 64 box, tray, manual, etc with expansion pack included Star Fox 64 box, tray, manual, etc. (I already have game and rumble pack) SNES Mario Paint - CIB NES Freedom Force - box, manual, etc Gumshoe - box, manual, etc Hogan's Alley - box, manual, etc Mechanized Attack - box, manual, etc RC Pro Am - box, manual, etc Space Shuttle Project - box, manual, etc Super Mario Bros / World Class Track Meet / Duck Hunt - box, manual, etc Wild Gunman - box, manual, etc PS3 Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness - disc PS2 Godzilla Save the Earth - manual Gradius 3 and 4 - CIB Naval Ops Warship Gunner - manual Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 - black label disc River King a Wonderful Journey - disc PSX Army Men: World War - disc only Konami Justifier Lightgun(s) Amiibo Poochy loose SSB Isabelle loose or NIB Soundtracks Club Nintendo Sound Selection 2: Loud Music Club Nintendo Sound Selection 3: B-Side Music Out Run (vinyl or CD box set) Strategy Guides Pokemon Sword / Shield Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Power) Zelda Oracle of Ages / Seasons (Nintendo Power) I may also be willing to buy items in my wantlist. And if you see something you like of mine that you would rather buy than trade for, let me know and I will make a GameSale post.

Thiago, tenho uma dúvida a respeito das notas que voce dá para os filmes. Porque elas nunca são diretas, como por exemplo 7,8,9. São 7.2, 8.4, 9.5. Gostaria de saber como voce chega numa nota tão específica quanto 7,2? Que fique bem claro que não é de modo algum uma crítica, apenas curiosidade que tenho após acompanhar seu canal a bastante tempo. Ótimo vídeo como sempre! Abraços. Os caras cvrs pra krll pqp por isso os melhores filmes de found footage são A forca Cloverfield Atividade paranormal Fenômenos paranormais Rec Quarentena Pandemia Fatos estranhos Bruxa de blair Amizade desfeita A visita Assim na terra como no inferno Área 51 Vhs Infectado Eles existem Poder sem limites A entidade A possessão de Débora logan Jerusalém The Den O tunel Esses são os melhores.

Valeu pela postagem. porem nesse filme náo se ve nada e. e so se ouve gritos. kkkkkkkkkkkk. os meus ouvidos estao doendo. Pe de Grande de Blair kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Download Movie A canada goose. Mata a cobra e mostra o pau. Download Movie A canada pharmacy. Pelo amor de Deus como que um idiota posta uma merda de um filme desse e ainda tem uns bestas que comentaram falando que o filme era bom. Chorei muito.

As pessoas que nao amam seu proximo nao sao filhos de deus. Download Movie A Caç. O NOME DO FILME É: DARFUR - DESERTO DE SANGUE. As we've had a bit of an influx of new posters over the last few weeks/months; we've gone from 100 odd to 400 regulars - I thought I might just post muh pre-posting process I've honed since being here. On your first visit check the stickies at the top of the sub and the sidebar ===> An absolute wealth of information and will probably head off a lot of "how do I? " questions. search away. Gud hunting! EDIT: VPN or tor - I generally use neither other than occasionally vpngate and openvpn to circumvent geoip issues. If it makes you feel safer then by all means use a vpn. I don't think anyone here is going to get a rude letter/email from "the authorities" for downloading data they found freely by using a search engine and not using a vpn. It should be noted that tor is not really designed for high volume bandwidth (such as downloading gb's of OD data) EDITED. If you do you'll slow down traffic for many other nodes on the network. There is a bucketload of info online about both topics - this isn't really the place. Suffice to say et onus cave. I know muh latin is shit but I don't think they had to tell downloaders to beware in Ancient Rome! Once you've found a link; browse it. Try to make sure it doesn't contain any personal info, virus ridden applications, illegal content. As per the sidebar make sure you label nsfw content. Use virustotal or jotti to scan links. As for personal info - generally personal documents, cv's etc. - anything that ties say a person to an address would be a no go. Ask yourself if you'd be happy with your same content online for anyone to read. If in doubt - DO NOT SHARE THE LINK - giving it to a "security expert" from here is sharing it and once you've shared it you have no control over what happens next. You will get requests for it if you post that you're unsure. Do you really want to be responsible for doxxing someone? Illegal content means child/revenge porn etc. Pirated software & movies altho illegal aren't going to be deleted and no, you probably aren't going to get your door kicked down for sharing a pirate link. Read this excellent treatise on the subject! [NSFW] is fairly self explanatory - use this tag at the start of the title. Now search the link to see if it's been posted previously. You can use the search box to the right but honestly - reddit search is shit. I use r/opendirectories "the url you found" If it has been posted before - see how long ago. Most of us here I don't think mind being reminded of a kewl working link from a couple of years ago. A couple of weeks ago... not so much. Download everything you want first before posting. The link may get very slow or get taken down once you've posted it and unless it's mirrored it's too late then to get that rare b-side mp3, isn't it. If you think the content you've found is priceless to humanity and you don't have the space/wherewithal to mirror it yourself you might want to contact u/-Archivist / from the-eye - if it's worth saving then at least he can mirror it first before you post. If it's a small OD you might be able to get it mirrored on or dmoz post away, etiquette is to post the parent directory (PD) - that's the top most directory you can access rather than doing multiple posts of sub-directories. If there are sub-directories you think are note worthy - let us know in your message. EDIT: Gdrives etc. - I don't often search for & post gdrives but if I did I'd add a [Gdrive] tag. For me this is a netiquette thing; I have a few google accounts for volunteering I do. Some of those admins of those accounts I probably don't want knowing that I download music or tv shows or other ahem stuff. Having a [Google Drive] tag or similar will at least prompt me to either log out or change accounts. I know I can see the link anyway but sometimes... EDIT: If he hasn't within a couple of days, ask /u/KoalaBear84 to use his excellent tool to index your post - it gives us all a shitload of useful info about the OD. Be polite - he's not-a-bot! Thanks KB84! Do keep an eye on your post for a week or so - it may get very slow or 404. If so, and it doesn't come back up you can ask for a [He's Dead Jim] tag. SAD! EDIT: If you're lucky and it sticks around long enough you may find it listed in /u/krazybug 's regular update of all working OD's listed so far - the ODShot, r/opendirectories / odshot there are a few mp3 sites that index musicbrainz lists and present themselves as OD's - they aren't. They'll take you to login sites that are really just trying to harvest your info. Don't post them here. It sucks. More about them here Here's a not-exhaustive list - Avoid them like the plague! this is not the sub to request files. All you'll do if you do ask is get a barrage of Rule 2 posts. Muh suggestion is to use some of your new-found google-fu you got from the sticky to search for yourself. there is now a sub for calibre libraries. If you find one try posting it there. file hosting sites - specifically ones that require you to wait for a link or login ARE NOT OPEN DIRECTORIES Any directory that requires a password (whether provided or not) is by it's nature NOT an Open Directory. I think I've covered everything, gud hunting and apologies for the blogpost. EDIT: Thank for the gold & silver, cheers to the mods for stickying this and keep the comments/suggestions coming - I tried to be moderately exhaustive but clearly missed a few points.

Nossa filme muito ruim parado. Assistindo agora na Globo 30/04/2018 acho que é bom. Palhaçada não servem nem pra mentir tropa de atoas. Download Movie A canada. Coloca mais filmes assim tipo documentario que você vai longe o povo ama isso. Gostei, muito bom. Cine Velhos Tempos Gold. Em fim filme ruim bosta muito blabal bal. Hello, and I'm sorry A salutation and a farewell I don't have much time. If this were a movie, I would ride off in some blood red sunset down a stretch of desert road into the wasteland that keeps us captive here. But this isn't a movie, these are the Badlands. Artist: Halsey Album: Badlands | Alternate Cover Tracklist and Lyrics: Genius Release Date: August 28, 2015 r/popheads [FRESH] Thread: Here Listen: Album Trailer | Apple Music | Spotify | YouTube Hi, and welcome to my writeup! I'm your resident friendly Halsey-stan and Badlands is my favorite album of the 10's! It's also Halsey's favorite, so she has taste. I've previously done write-ups on S. O. S., Ghost and Room 93, if you want to check out any of those! Badlands is an electro-pop or if your name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, "alternative" album, made by Halsey and executively produced by her boyfriend at the time, Lido. The album itself is a "concept album", centered around the Dystopian society Badlands - all a metaphor for Halsey's mental state at the time of writing the album. Now, this album is excellent musically, but what really made this my FAVORITE of the decade, was the marketing campaign surrounding it (also the fact that I managed to see her both at the beginning and end of 2016 - go see her @ the Manic tour, her music is at its best live. ) It truly felt like a moment and I don't think anything can top it for me. If you remember Harry Styles' Eroda-marketing campaign from a couple months ago, it was something like that - just better (through my nostalgia-tinted glasses, at least). Much of the "concept" part of the concept album was just visible through the marketing. First came the website - (of which I managed to find a single archived picture). There was also the touristy twitter account @VisitBadlands, which posted cryptic tweets related to the album release. There was a tourist phone number you could call, complete with a creepy message from Halsey herself. She gave out passports with tips of how to survive in the Badlands (the answer: Keep Running). She even "leaked" the album cover through the twitter account, and played small snippets of Young God on the website. It also doubled up as her merch store and the place she dropped her first set of tour dates. Halsey used this marketing campaign to "leak" a version of Coming Down, through a soundcloud account called BadlandsRadio. She also sent some free posters and stickers to her fans to promote the record. There were treasure hunts, having people run all over New York and taking them to the places in New York that inspired Badlands - the prizes were all access backstage passes to the final show of the tour. Basically, the whole era was really interactive and I don't think fans would have connected with the album as well as we did, without it. An important part of this album, regardless of how much you like or dislike it, was the 'era' it was produced in - the TumblrTM era. Everything from the lyrics, the aesthetics, the production points to Badlands being THE tumblr record. Not necessarily the most widely enjoyed album by Tumblr users, but it's the most Tumblr-esque of them all. It's very much a post-Pure Heroine and Born To Die-album. Halsey stood out with her long, blue hair and rants about feminism and racism and also literally everything else. So, now that I've talked way too much about the era as a whole, I'm gonna break down the full record as individual songs: Already choking on my pride, so there's no use crying about it. This shimmery piece of electropop opens up Badlands. It serves as an introduction to the Dystopian society of Badlands. Halsey immediately sets the tone for a struggle between her, the hero, and the (patriarchal) society around her. There's a mention of "they" wanting to make her their queen, which combined with the quoted lyrics above and the chants of "Agnus Dei" makes it clear that being the queen isn't something Halsey wants - it's a sacrifice she's making. This song was later turned into an orchestral version for the "Huntsman: Winter's War"-movie. I sold my soul to a three-piece, and he told me I was holy. The story continues in Hold Me Down, which was inspired by Halsey's dealings with men in the music industry - specifically Atlantic Records' Publishing Group, which tried to sign her. It also samples Easy by Son Lux. She refers to the men she's dealing with as the devil, again setting herself up to be a hero in the Badlands. At the same time she admits her flaws, calling herself selfish, filled with demons and spineless. Because of this, she lets herself be held down by the devil. Survival of the richest, the city’s ours until the fall. If you have heard just a single song off of this album, this is probably the one. This song, along with the impromptu Blink-182 mall cover are go-to "easy" punches for Halsey Haters. They argue it's faux-edgy, faux-anthemic, shallow and just plain annoying. The backlash against this song even resulted in Halsey dis-owning if for like 2 full years, and calling it "ironic" (which it most definetly wasn't). While I get why this song could rub some people wrong, I would argue that it's a very catchy song and that the lyrics aren't "faux"-anything - they're so earnest that it borders on painful. The lyrics may be cringey, but it won't stop me from yelling along to the song while driving in my car. The first verse talks about the nouveau rich, getting famous through the internet, while the second verse talks about gay marriage - which was made legal in all states just two small months before this album dropped. It's a song about believing in the youth and believing that society can change. Sick and full of pride, all we do is drive. Drive is a pretty straightforward love song about being in love with someone, but not knowing how to go about it. The strength of the song lies in its production and the beautiful harmonization between Halsey and the male backing vocals provided by Lido. The production creates a beautiful backdrop for a simple love story - the sound of Halsey turning on the ignition, the turn signal-beat, the swerving noises, it all contrast with the simple guitar plucking. If you close your eyes while listening to this, you can feel you're in the car watching a very intimate story play out. Halsey described this as one of the few happy songs on Badlands, saying it's the point in the story where she finally leaves the Badlands. Don't belong to no city, don't belong to no man. This song was originally included on Halsey's debut EP, Room 93, and was carried over onto the deluxe edition of Badlands. It's a self-empowerment anthem about Halsey taking power in her relationship with both a person (Zach, the boy behind bricks) and the city she lived in, New York City. Whenever she does this song live she explains that the song is " a reminder that you do not belong to anybody but yourself ". It sounds trippy, dreamy and distant. Throughout the song you can hear a "hurricane"-motif, which gets a call-back in Gasoline. Feet first, don't fall or we'll be running again. This. This is my favorite Halsey song of all time (unless anything on Manic manages to rear its head forth). Roman Holiday was produced by the masterful trio that is Captain Cuts. The song is such an explosion of joy, nostalgia and freedom. Halsey explained that this song was about "escaping from the problems of your real life – not looking back on them and finding solace somewhere else". The song sounds escapist, but in a freeing way. The choruses are fiery and then the bridge comes along and amps everything up another level. It's the perfect pop song. Roman Holiday introduces the motif of "running, again". While the lyric on its own doesn't make much sense, combined with the rest of the album, it becomes apparent that the thing that Halsey is running from is her mental illness - the depression and the mania. And I swear I hate you when you leave but I like it anyway. Ghost is a really fast paced electropop cut, originally from Room 93. It was the song that put Halsey on the map, the song that got her signed. The original demo-version went slightly viral on Soundcloud and suddenly she had labels knocking on her door. She ended up with Astralwerks, mostly because they gave her a lot of creative freedom. A knee ways, this song is very dreamy and the verses are super catchy. It's shimmery and dark, very TumblrTM. If you want to read more, I have a writeup just about this song too. I'm still waking every morning, but it's not with you. This song (which is most definetly not about Halsey's relationship with a certain Matt Healy from The 1975) was a fan favorite before the album even dropped, having been played at a live show a couple moths prior to the Badlands release. I remember literally downloading the Troubadour-live version as an mp3 and putting it in my Spotify-library. That's how thirsty us fans were for new Halsey songs in early 2015. The song grew out of a poem she posted on her Tumblr, which she ended up turning into the bridge. She ended up getting accused of plagiarizing that bridge from a Tumblr post — that she, Halsey herself made. The stripped version replaces this bridge with this simple sentence: "Art is not what I create - what I create is chaos", which definetly holds true to this date. Following the song is a cute little interlude that serves as the bridge between Colors and Strange Love. Everybody's waiting up, to hear if I dare speak your name. It's really nice of Halsey to put the song telling everybody off for knowing that Colors is about Matty, right next to the song itself. If you want to read a poem? post? that Halsey wrote about their relationship, you can do so here at your own discretion. The song is about her being allowed to use her personal experiences in her song writing, but still having the right to a private personal life - she doesn't have to share anything and any piece of information is a gift to her fans. Personally, this is one of my least favorite Halsey songs. It's very repetitive, I find her "whoahs" annoying, the bass isn't enjoyable and I find the subject matter pretty "meh". Sorry, /u/Leixander. At least the bridge kinda slaps. I found a savior, I don't think he remembers. Coming Down continues the streak of "Songs About Matt Healy" on Badlands. Like on Colors, she compares their short-lived relationship to religion, saying that she found both God and the devil in the same person. She calls him both a martyr and a savior, their relationship confined to hotel rooms. Halsey knows the relationship is doomed - it keeps breaking down, but she keeps hoping that if she just makes it through another night, it will all be okay. But as we all know, it didn't turn out that way (and thank GOD for that because they would have been such an insufferable public couple). I've tried to wash you away, but you just won't leave. Halsey opens Haunting with a plea for her lover to keep haunting her, despite the fact that they're no good for her - a recurring theme on this album. She admits that she's moved on, in a way, because has a new boyfriend (Lido), made of gold (she ends up calling him King Midas on HFK's 100 Letters). However, she keeps thinking of what she used to have with this past lover, even though they "weren't looking for" Halsey. The best part of this song is honestly the production, which is shimmery and dark and layered. The last 30 seconds, where Halsey's heavy breathing gets intermingled with a tender guitar is just perfection. I think there’s a flaw in my code, these voices won’t leave me alone. Gasoline is, in my opinion, the heart of Badlands - so I really don't understand why it's been delegated to just being a deluxe track. However, despite this, Gasoline has been certified platinum and it's one of the most streamed Badlands tracks on Spotify - without a single drop of promo. The track is a real look into Halsey's dealings with her mental health - a look at her 'Manic's self before Manic, the album was even thought of. It's a straight up banger with flawless production - the callback to Hurricane is just fantastic. It's fast paced, it's lyrically impressive, it has interesting production elements - Gasoline is Halsey at her best. I tried to hold these secrets inside me, my mind's like a deadly disease. We continue the mental health-focus in Control. While Gasoline is mostly a look into Halsey's anxieties surrounding her fame, which relates to her bipolar disorder, Control is straight up just about her manic brain. The track has some really great haunting 'circus'-y production elements, while Halsey paints a picture of an empty, creaking house filled with spiderwebs - just like a horror movie, with Halsey herself as the villain. The bridge tackles the very same themes she deals with on "Ashley" off of manic - her wanting to immortalize herself through her music. And we'll be running, running, running. Again. At the very beginning of Young God, you can hear something that sounds like a demonic chant. In reality it's just "Forever cursed in love are the observant - forever a slave to the detail" reversed. Sonically, Young God feels like a sequel to Haunting, having the same type of shimmery and layered production details. It tells the story of two lovers who badly want to escape their current human situation, just the two of them together. It contrasts the worlds of heaven with sin, by saying that the only way they'll get to heaven is by committing sins, ie: " if you wanna go to heaven, you should fuck me tonight ". Young God also concludes the "running, again" motif - first by saying that they'll be staying above all the people running, in heaven together and then at the end, admitting that they'll be the two running. I keep a close watch on this heart of mine. I keep my eyes wide open all the time. This song, originally written and performed by Johnny Cash, was included on the deluxe version of Badlands instead of the absolute banger that is Garden. Why? This cover is absolute garbage and I like to pretend that it doesn't exist. Halsey says she included it on the album (and also made it so much "darker") because the "Badlands"-Halsey was literally addicted to their partner. However, that is no excuse for the terrible mixing, the lazy industrial sounds and the general "Car Commercial" vibes of the cover. #JusticeForGarden It's been nearly 5 years since Halsey released this album and just a few short days since she released her latest album, Manic. Keeping in tradition with my other writeups, I have some questions that y'all can answer if you'd like to: What do you think of 'Halsey' as an artist in 2015 vs the 'Halsey' of today? Have your perspective on Badlands changed as the years have gone by? Where do you think Halsey would have been as an artist now if Closer didn't happen? (Keeping in mind that Closer blew up right at the end of the Badlands era and affected the making of Hopeless Fountain Kingdom deeply).

Que HORROR meu Deus. Sofrimento sem fim... Muito bom mano o filme. De fato é um filme muito bom. Mais é um filme muito forte. Download Movie A Caçada lovelace. 1 1 Posted by 11 months ago Archived comment 67% Upvoted This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Sort by no comments yet Be the first to share what you think! More posts from the movisus community Continue browsing in r/movisus r/movisus movisus 7 Members 1 Online Created Mar 3, 2019 help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc © 2020. All rights reserved.

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